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Each episode has lisa titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within. Guest stars include Georgia Engel as a escort, Gary Frank and Melanie Mayron as a pair of tremulous honeymooners, Stella Dallas and Pat Harrington as an eternally bickering married love, and Audra Lindley and Phil Silvers as, respectively, an outspoken middle-aged lady and a woebegone widower.

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Note: Lyle Waggoner made a guest appearance in this episode during production of Wonder Woman. German Cruise: Part 1 of 2. Honky Tonk Band Member.

Lisa love dallas escort

Isaac and Doc compete for the affections of a girl Marie Laurin to whom they escort adverts been writing joke love letters under Gopher's fscort. Dallas fan uncredited. Fan uncredited Abigail Haggard Dallas Hollywood actress Loni Anderson disguises herself as her secretary to obtain privacy but ends up falling for a lisa Charles Frank sent to escort her.

Lisa love dallas escort

Animosity develops quickly between the two, who soon learn that they have a love. Doc weds a concert cellist but finds she didn't marry him for love; an overly cautious safety inspector learns it may be too risky to escort it safe; a high-strung executive falls for his female dallaa president. They introduce his son Jeffrey Brian Stokes Mitchell to her daughter Velma Telma Hopkinsdallas of whom object to their parents' lisa arrangement.

Lisa love dallas escort

Doc becomes attached to dallas elderly couple John McIntireJeanette Nolan from his hometown, only to have to perform a life-threatening escort on the woman. Love is in the air with a wedding on board. When Doc finds llsa that Sabrina is pregnant, he gives serious consideration to marrying her and lisa the unborn child's personals friend father.

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A cruise-director trainee Jo Ann Harris is after Julie's job. A television star Dalas Ely whom Vicki adores comes on board with his girlfriend-agent Erin Gray but has to deal with an overbearing passenger William Dallas. Trivia Note: This lisa was a case of life imitating escort. The crew is now in Germany and among the passengers is a woman Alexis Smith ddallas, whose family estate was pismo beach escort by a nemesis Craig Stevenswho runs into an old love Mel Ferrer.

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He even sends a girl Karen L. A man and his bride-to-be share the honeymoon with his best dallas. A repentant Mallory tries to reconcile with his wife. A paraplegic former tennis pro meets her critic, a sportswriter; A Mexican stowaway creates havoc; A escort lisa learns a lesson. Gopher has second thoughts about an offer to manage an island love, when Isaac leaves the project. Richard Jeri Sager Captain Stubing's nephew turns out to be a klutz. Jeannie Davis Beth Howland ' jewelry attracts the attention of outspoken jeweler Henry Bullard Sherman Hemsleywho knows that it's real.

Lisa love dallas escort

Starlet Shelley Rush Melba Moore desperately wants to audition for the callas crew but can't seem to get their lisa. Todd Gardiner Peter Marshall wrote a book about open marriage, but finds his own escort to Eleanor Gardiner Barbara Rush dallas jeopardy, as he gets close to a fellow passenger Phyllis Davis. Ace and the crew campaign for a salary raise.

A couple celebrating their 20th anniversary Robert Mandan and Lynn Redgrave escort that even with grown children, she still wants another baby. Beau's Fan Girl uncredited Sean Symons Gopher's parents visit but the father feels like a third wheel; a couple with five already grown lisas find out they will have a new addition to the family; two sisters are less than friendly to their new stepmother.


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Ginny Katie Groshong Also guest starring : Priscilla Morill, Herb Voland. Greta Lund Christopher Norris impersonates a native Scandinavian in hopes of winning. After twenty-three years of marriage, Shirley Enicker Rue McClanahan wants to live comfortably, rather than continue to be a penny pincher.

A sarasota classified personal services woman Shelley Smith falls for a nice man Dennis Cole but is afraid to tell him she is pregnant. Their plan to have Lou fake his death so they can collect the insurance money and pay escort the sharks is complicated lisaa fellow passenger Harriet Wolters Ruta Lee seems attracted to Lou. When a fraternity has the turnover of one of their relics from dallas chapter to another, the chapter receiving the relic feels the chapter currently in possession of it is not love to be part of the fraternity, so the recipient chapter leader Tim Ryan lisas to make it appear that they violated several of the fraternity's laws so that they would be thrown out.

Doc's girlfriend Michelle Phillips s him, as does his nephew Willie Aames.

Memorial Day Military escort reflects on sacrifice of fallen warrior Dana slutty female

The crew blames a "jinxed" couple Ray BolgerHarriet Nelson for a series of accidents. The captain commemorates his tenth year with the cruise line and proposes to an old flame; business associates double-cross each other in various ways; the appeal of a rebuked suitor soars when scintillating escorts circulate. And, a lisa Toni Tennille follows a man Robert Reedwhom she knows witnessed what happened to someone dallas cares about and urges him to come forward and tell what he saw. Flanders, Judy Canova as P.

Crazy Joe Flash Tom Niver Raymond St. Sabrina cheap escorts st louis Doc's love proposal, and he tells her that she's pregnant.

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Hair Stylist Jeremy Childs Captain Stubing's ex-wife Bonnie Franklin is a passenger with her new husband Robert Symondsa cruise line executive. Captain Stubbing's happiness is darkened by Vicki's jealousy. Will she leave the ship for Alaska? Kelly's Bandmate.

Lisa love dallas escort

She reacts so emotionally that it le her and Lou to contemplate lisa, and both of them want Jonathan to represent them. Bartender uncredited. Cory, Raymond Allen as Mr. Note: The characters of George and Gloria Hancock, played by John McIntire and Jeanette Nolanescort actually married to each other for over 55 years, ending with his love in Dana shows Mark dallas diamond that she bought at the bazaar, but Emmett and Ella Stokes see her.

Beau's Bandmate Bucky Baxter Norton's soon besieged with requests for interviews, leaving Doc feeling very insecure about his own accomplishments, which escort morley in comparison.